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Mellowmatic are a 7-piece collective, formed by musical director Ant Henderson (MD of Jurassic 5's Soup's Fullee Love Collective), producer and drummer Marcus Fisher and UK rapper AJ Mayhew aka AGGA.

The band is fronted by rapper AGGA and female vocalist Nina Jade, supported by keys, synths, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums - delivering smooth chords, tasty grooves and brassy breaks. Mellowmatic bring a live set that takes their audience on an eclectic musical journey from the Boom-bap 90's to present day. Executing a tight musical performance, on point every time. This big-sound-high-energy band is made to be seen and heard!

"This music is outta sight!"

                                                             - Soup, Jurassic 5


                                                             - Beardyman

"Super dope sounding, funky excellence!"

                                                             - JFB, scratch DJ

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